Red 5 Shuts Down Firefall Hellhounds ARG

Red 5 shuts down the Firefall Hellhounds ARG to avoid storyline confusion with the recently launched Firefall Manga – Affinity.

Last week Red 5 Studios launched both a new Firefall ARG and the first chapter of its Firefall Manga – Affinity. As it turns out, the story elements of the two have been causing some confusion given that they take place at different times. In an effort to avoid any further confusion of the story and timeline, Red 5 has temporarily shut down the Firefall Hellhounds ARG to give the manga a chance to set the tone for the story.

Greetings Firefall Community and ARG fans,

After much careful consideration, we have decided to close down the recently launched Firefall alternate reality game. The ARGÂ’s puzzle-driven storyline revolving around the Hellhounds and a search for Pilgrim was worked on in tandem with the Pilgrim storyline told through our newly released manga, Firefall Affinity. Our excitement about the ARG and its involved system of puzzles prevented us from predicting how the stories could overlap and potentially cause confusion if told simultaneously. We feel it is important that we give the manga the chance to set the tone for PilgrimÂ’s journey before we continue developing other related stories and characters.

For the time being, please enjoy the manga at and we will continue to work on more ways to expand on the story of Firefall. Thank you.

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