Free Realms Gets a New Trading Card Game

SOE introduces a new free-to-play trading card game to Free Realms today by way of Blackspore Swamp Gypsy with Heroes.

If you just can’t get enough of online trading card games (TCG), SOE is giving you more. Free Realms introduced its new TCG today with the launch of Heroes. Heroes launches with 76 cards made up of 54 booster cards and 22 promo cards along with four new quests: "Heart of Darkness," "Slow and Steady," "Stinky Feet" and "Meet the Boss," and a final boss fight against Baron von Darkcheat.

“Gifted in four Mystery Chests by the Gypsy in Blackspore Swamp, players must choose a "Realmkeeper" Cardie deck in the game to combat the evil Baron von Darkcheat, who is threatening the lands of Free Realms with his own evil Mystery Chest Cardie deck. Players (Realmkeepers), with their magical Mystery Chest Cardie decks, must win enough games against the Baron and his three henchmen to ensure that the Baron's deck loses its power and fades from existence, foiling the Baron's plans to become King of Free Realms.”

Source: SOE Press Release


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