Global Agenda's 1.5 Recursive Colony Expansion Launches Today

Global Agenda strikes a new milestone today with the release of its largest content expansion to date, 1.5 Recursive Colony. Global AgendaÂ’s largest content update is set to go live later today with the launch of the 1.5 Recursive Colony expansion. Downtime is already underway and is scheduled to last until 5:00pm EST today.

The expansion will open the new zone of North Sonora for players to explore and discover the origins of the hostile colony. Quests have been renamed as assignments to avoid confusion with missions and the assignment system has been improved considerably in the update.

The update also includes several new features such as on-screen notifications of available raids, new tutorial systems, new repeatable daily assignments, random loot chests and much more.

Check out the 1.5 patch notes to find out whatÂ’s new in Global Agenda.

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