ArcheAge Language Guide - Cross-Faction Chat

By David Piner -

Language in ArcheAge is a really valuable skill to learn because it lets you communicate with the enemy, aka Cross-Faction Chat. That’s right, ArcheAge actually lets you talk to the enemy. It’s actually a really simple process to undergo as well. Let’s dive into it.

There are in total two different languages in ArcheAge, one for each faction. In the Handicraft tradeskill, you will find cushions: four in total. One male and female version for each language. They are inexpensive to craft, last I checked it’s some Cashmere Thread, some Fabric, some dye, and finally some Handicraft Yarn. Once you summon it and then the tutor, anyone can use the tutor.

To teach you the language, the tutor will need a “The Art of Language” book. This book is required each time you want to learn a language. Language proficiency advances 1% each time and you have a several hour cooldown between learnings, so this is definitely something that takes awhile.

As your proficiency improves, enemies will begin to understand you better and you’ll start to translate their gibberish. At max proficiency, you will still see gibberish, but you’ll be able to make out what the enemy is saying.

This is a critical skill to learn in the game because it enables you to actually get a use out of being a pirate, since pirates are factionless and to be a successful pirate you’ll need to speak both languages.

There is a lot of talk online about universities and libraries having public tutors, but I haven’t found it in the game yet. The cushion itself is rather cheap, so it’s not that big of a deal to craft.

You can’t learn each race’s specific language, you instead learn the common language, which is spoken by everyone of a specific faction (or well continent). 

You will need 100 books and, as of right now, 400 hours at a minimum to max out the language. Halfway through you can start of sort of understanding, so it’s 200 hours if you’re on the spot with increasing it every 4 hours.

With that in mind, I highly suggest setting a timer or just making sure to always do it every time you login. If you do it twice a day, within a month you should be proficient enough to sort of get what the other side is saying and are only 40 books for max level.

A good strategy I’d use is when you wake up in the morning, login at your house, use your cushion, then log out. When you get home from work, login, use your cushion, then go on with playing the game. Then, if you want to REALLY hurry it up, do it again before bed.

If you’re in some insane super serious you just really want to do it as fast as possible, you might want to look into software like Teamviewer so that you can login while at work on your phone or tablet and snag yourself an extra 1%. Seriously though, it makes it a lot faster, because after 2 weeks the extra 1% is 14% total. At four times a day, you will be at 25 days total to max it out and about 15 days before you can start of sort of understanding the other side without having to exert too much effort.

As a side note, before using VPN software like Teamviewer, be sure to double check that it’s not going to get your account flagged for third-party software and that your connection is secure, software like that can open your computer up to the Internet to access it, so be sure to do some research before you accept my advice nilly willy. I did go and do some google-fu to check out Trion’s stance on Teamviewer or LogMeIn, but for the most part there isn’t objections either way.

Likewise, if you have a stay at home spouse, having them log in at say 11 and 3 wouldn’t be bad if you want to super hurry it up. So like do it at 7, 11, 3, and 7 again.

Anyway good luck out there and be sure to get on the language train!

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