Heroes of the Storm: Medivh Build Guide

by on May 25, 2017

In this Medivh Build Guide, we provide an overview of his strengths, abilities, talents and matchups.


Medivh is unquestionably one of the most unique support heroes in Heroes of the Storm and although labeled as specialist, his kit offers a great deal of utility that benefits his team. Whether it’s his Raven Form providing vision and immunity, his Force of Will mitigating all damage or Portal for some much needed mobility, his kit is both varied and fun.

With both his Heroic abilities also offering huge amounts of crowd control there’s no doubt Medivh is a powerful Hero that can comfortably sustain any team. In many respects he fills the role of Tassadar but with a base set of skills that are arguably much stronger. 

I will stress however that Medivh requires a great deal of skill to play well and often works best alongside a true Support, or a team that has high amounts of sustain. 

Updated: 25 May 2017



An incredibly varied kit

He’s almost all support and relies heavily on his team

Portal is invaluable for engaging or disengaging in a fight

He only has one damage based ability 

Raven Form is incredible for constantly keeping vision on the enemy

Force of Will requires exceptional timing

Force of Will nullifies many Heroic abilities

Miss use of Portal can wipe your team with a bad engage

Poly Bomb and Ley Line Seal are both amazing

He lacks a true travel form for full speed of movement


Raven Form (Trait) - Unique to Heroes of the Storm and arguably one of the strongest traits in the game, Raven Form allows Medivh to turn into a bird in order to fly above the map and scout below. While in Raven Form Medivh cannot be harmed, he moves 15% quicker, is immune to all affects and is able to fly over everything. It takes a little over a second to cast Raven Form and it can be interrupted (unlike Rehgar’s Ghost Wolf). Try to always remain in Raven Form prior to any team fight to give your team constant vision to give them a huge advantage over the enemy.

Arcane Rift (Q) - A skill that’s deceptively strong, Arcane Rift deals damage to enemies in its path and has its cooldown reduced by 5 seconds once it hits an enemy Hero, including a refund on half its mana cost (30). As your primary wave clear, it’s important to try to save Arcane Rift for enemies to maximize your damage output and if you can, to always make contact so you maximize its up time. Clever use of your Force of Will combined with landing Arcane Rift ensures Medivh can solo most enemy heroes or at the very least, pressure them a great deal. 

Force of Will (W) - One of the strongest support skills in the game, Force of Will allows an ally affected to resist ALL damage for 1.5 seconds. On a 5 second cooldown, that’s pretty ridiculous and works against all Heroic abilities such as Kael’thas’ Pyroblast or Greymane’s Go For The Throat. Be sure to cast it regularly, but also pre-emptively. You want to reduce the damage an individual will take against spike damage, not just basic attacks. Remember that Force of Will is from ALL sources for 1.5 seconds - make it count.

Portal (E) - Lasting for 6 seconds, Portal provides an interactable gateway that you and your team can use to teleport. The location is fixed and a set distance but the travel is instant. In terms of length, it’s a little longer than Bolt of the Storm and is a guaranteed means of escape. Used offensively however and if Medivh has vision, you can easily teleport your entire team into a fight instantly. As a five man blob and if you call a target before, few can anticipate the spike.

Poly Bomb (Heroic) - An incredibly strong Heroic that lasts until an individual doesn’t “spread” the Poly Bomb to another. Upon impact those affected by Poly Bomb are also silenced for 2 seconds, making fights in close quarters particularly hectic. In objective based maps that require interaction, it can be particularly effective. I will add however that most players know how to cancel Poly Bomb near instantly so unless you cast it in a ridiculously enclosed space, it's limited. 

Ley Line Seal (Heroic) - Acting similarly to Zeratul’s Void Prison, Ley Line Seal places all enemies caught in its line into stasis for 3 seconds. Those affected are unable to perform any action until it expires. Unsurprisingly, it’s invaluable for allowing a team to reposition before spiking and unlike Void Prison, has a slightly longer range.


Level 1: Stable Portal

Portal is key to Medivh's play, and Stable Portal by increasing its duration by 50%. It's a significant amount and allows you to dip in and out of combat much easier, for longer, thanks to it. 

Variable: You'll spend a great deal of time in Raven Form as Medivh, simply because it provides so much vision for you and your team. Regaining 100% extra mana while in Raven Form thanks to Raven's Intellect is invaluable and allows you to significantly reduce your trips back to base. 

Level 4: Birds Eye View

Acting similarly to Tassadar's Oracle, Birds Eye View grants a 25% increased vision radius when using your Raven form, but also allows you to activate it for 200% increased vision for 5 seconds.

Variable: Considering the offensive capabilities of Portal, having all allied team members gain three stacks of Block after exiting the Portal is fairly huge. Mage Armor offers high amount of mitigation and against basic attack heavy compositions can significantly reduce incoming damage. 

Level 7: The Master's Touch

As a quest talent, The Master's Touch allows Medivh to improve Arcane Rift. Hitting 30 Heroes without dying boosts its damage by 75 and reduces its cooldown by 1 (when also hitting Heroes). It makes Medivh a poke king. 

Level 10: Ley Line Seal

Void Prison is amazing and Ley Line Seal is just as good. With a relatively long range and a super short cooldown, it's invaluable in a team fight when you need to reposition or buy your team time to escape. Used in a coordinated group it's incredible for spiking down high value targets.

Variable: On objective based maps that require group fights and very close quarters, Poly Bomb can be good (especially on Infernal Shrines). The fact the enemy team are grouped up so often ensures maximum impact for long periods of time. 

Level 13: Quickening

Building on your level one talent, Quickening reduces the cooldown of Portal by 50%. It might feel relatively dull for a level 13 talent, but it's invaluable for escaping, engaging and generally being annoying. 

Level 16: Reabsorption

Reabsorption provides Medivh with his only source of healing. When Barrier of Will ends, the ally affected will be healed for 50% of the damage received. It's your only means of looking after a single target if you're the only support. 

Variable: Circle of Protection is a great alternative if you're against an AOE heavy composition. It allows you to cast Barrier of Will on one player, and it will automatically apply to anyone near them. 

Level 20: Medivh Cheats

Having the ability to redirect your Ley Line Seal can work well thanks to Medivh Cheats but it's also the 33% increased duration that's worthwhile. Disabling enemy players for a lengthier period of time buys your team the opportunity to retreat or collapse on the opposition. 

Variable: Whether it's used offensively or defensively, Invisibility for 20 seconds is incredible and allows you to protect an ally who's under serious pressure or to turn them invisible so they can comfortably flank without risk of being seen. Cast on high damage Heroes such as Thrall or Greymane it can be devastating. 


These Hero Threat Levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy Heroes can give you a headache. For the Heroes listed here, take extra care as they're particularly dangerous for Medivh. 



Lunara: Her mobility, nuisance poison and vision make life difficult for Medivh. You've no ability to mitigate her damage and although you can Portal away, the poison will last. 


Tracer: Her speed, Recall, Blink and Ultimate are a constant headache. Force of Will won't protect you long enough and she can quickly Blink after you once you've used Portal. The best you can hope for is to land Poly Bomb or Ley Line Seal.


Thrall: His root, ranged poke and self healing are a constant headache in any team fight. If he roots you, you're almost gaurenteed to die once his burst begins. 


The Butcher: Lamb to the Slaughter can almost gaurentee your death and you'll rarely last long enough to use your Portal to escape. 


Illidan: His mobility combined with The Hunt can shut you down near instantly. Although your Ultimate can protect you, it won't last long enough unless you dump all your skills instantly. If you don't have them, you're as good as dead. 


Greymane: As with any caster, you're food for Greymane. Although you can nullify his Ultimate ability, his follow up attacks will finish you very quickly. The best you can hope for is to Portal away. Keep him at a distance!


Varian: Simply because of his stun and Colossus Smash, he can blow you up the moment Barrier of Will is on cooldown.  8/10


This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Medivh play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Remember that Medivh is a support Hero, despite being classed as a specialist. Think of him as a sexxed up Tassadar (sort of!).

2. Constantly use your Raven Form to view where the enemy team are in order to provide vision and prevent those in lane being ganked.

3. Remember that your Raven Form has a cast time but provides total immunity: use it to escape if a fight is going badly. 

4. Try to always land your Arcane Rift against an enemy Hero. Its cooldown is fairly long if you don't. 

5.  Force of Will doesn't have a long cooldown but you need to ensure it's available in the event the enemy team uses a high damage Ultimate. Be ready to cast it on a team-mate who's being focused. 

6. Force of Will nullifys ALL damage for 1.5 seconds. It's unique in its protection and incredibly strong: choose your targets wisely. 

7. Outside of your Portal you've absolutely no escapes. As such, positioning is key to being effective and surviving for long periods. Stay on the edges of any fight. 

8. Try to always cast Force of Will on high value targets that are being focused. This will trigger your talents that cause it to deal damage and spread to the rest of your team. 

9. Try to imagine Ley Line Seal as Zeratul's Void Prison. It works the same way and is primarily used to buy your team time or allow them to reposition. Just be aware that it fires in a straight line so can be difficult to hit multiple enemies with. 

10. Be flexible in your Ultimate selection. Both are great with Poly Bomb working best on objective heavy maps that require heavy grouping. 

11. If you can, try to use your Portal Offensively and cast it from out of the enemies vision. Use bushes and vents as your entry Portal for maximum impact. 

12. Arcane Rift is capable of deceptively high damage, especially if you land it against enemy Heroes and reduce its cooldown: 400 damage every 2 seconds isn't too bad. 

13. At 20 seconds Portal has a very long cooldown. Considering it also only lasts 6 seconds, once you're commited to a fight there's rarely an escape route (if you've used it to get in!). 

Last Updated: May 25, 2017