Overwatch: Orisa Guide

by on Jun 30, 2017

Be the best Orisa that you can be!

Defense Systems Resetting. 

If you are new to Orisa or to Overwatch then let us be the first to welcome you to this incredible community.  We suggest that you start at the top of the guide and just work your way through.  Question?  Ask us!  

Orisa, the 24th Hero to grace Overwatch is an Omnic "Anchor Tank".

Her swiss army knife kit allows her to be useful in nearly every composition and situation.   She may not be the best at anything, but she is always useful.   

Her main weapon, the Fusion Driver is ranged and has a relatively small spread coupled with a long range.   She can chunk away at Pharah's at a distance or lay into that Winston that is attacking your supports with equal ease. 

Fortify reduces the damage that she takes and makes her "unstoppable", immune to movement imparing effects.   

Halt is arguably her greatest ability.   It is a ranged, mini-Graviton Surge that pulls enemies to it, grouping them nicely for your team to finish off. 

Protective barrier is reminicent of Reinhardt's shield, though it has less staying power and is immobile.   It's bonus is that you fire and forget it.   Orisa can continue to blast away with it out on the field. 

Supercharger, Orisa's ultimate gives a damage boost to allies within her line of sight.    Need to turn the tide of a battle?   Halt plus Supercharger usually does just that. 



You're a frontliner.  Soak damage for your allies.   Deal damage.   Protect your supports and be an all-around nuisance.  

Tip - Halt will pull enemies out of doorways and off of ledges. 

Orisa is a "thinkers" tank.   Her flexible kit allows you to play differing styles depending on your team composition and what is required in any given fight. 


You match up well against most heroes, but you won't burst anyone down. 



Genji: His mobility can be a nuisance, but he's squishy if you can lock him down. 


Roadhog: Chain Hook can put you in the middle of a fight.  You don't want that.  7/10 Tracer: She can destroy you due to her exceptional mobility.   8/10 Widowmaker: She can't one-shot you at full health, but her range makes her a challenge 7/10 Pharah: Her mobility makes her a great counter to your cover.  8/10 D.Va: Another tank that is mobile enough to cause you pain. 7/10

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This list of tips and tricks will help your Orisa play. We'll continue to add to the list and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Halt can pull enemies off of ledges and out of cover.  

2. Your Fusion Driver has great range.   Chunk away at those pesky Pharah's. 

3. Your ultimate affects every ally in your line of sight.   Make sure you use it appropriately. 

4. Fortify negates ultimates like Earth Shatter.  Be quick on the draw and you can avoid Reinhardt's annoying ult. 

5. You can detonate Halt by hitting RMB a second time.  

6. Protective Barrier is immobile unless you place it on something that moves, like a Payload!

7. Supercharger boosts every ally in your line of sight.  Save it for team fights.  

8. Supercharger combos very wll with Zarya's Graviton Surge, Reinhardt's Earth Shatter and Mei's Blizzard. 

9. Orisa is an excellent pairing for a Bastion on defense as she can protect him as well as pull enemies out into his line of sight. 

10. Zenyatta and Lucio can effectively negate Supercharger with their ultimates.   Know when they are charged and try to bait them out. 

11. Fortify negates Reinhardt's charge. 

12. You can get environmental kills with Halt by pulling enemies off the map, over cliffs, etc. 

13. You can throw your shield on spawn points like the upper deck of King's Row to negate snipers' advantage. 

14. Likewise, you can shield your own snipers and Bastion to take advantage of spawn points that can get you an early pick. 

15. Halt can life enemy Reinhardts off the ground allowing your own Reinhardt to use his Earthshatter. 

16. Call out your Halts to allow teammates to take advantage of clumped enemies. 

17. Fortify removes Junkrat's trap, Zarya's ultimate and Mei's ultimate if used before you are frozen. 

18. You can use your primary fire while using any of your abilities.   

19. To negate the movement slow of firing your main weapon, fire in short bursts and jump.  

20. Protect your ultimate putting your shield against a wall and then placing the "bongo" inside the shield. 

21. Halt will move Bastion, but he will stay in Sentry mode.  Pull him behind a wall to make him go to Recon mode. 

22. Remember that your shots are projectiles.  You need to lead your shots.  You aren't a hitscan Hero like Soldier. 

23. Place your Barrier "past" the choke point when on attack and not directly in it, creating space to move through the choke unharmed. 

24. Your Barrier blocks Ana's healing.  Place it between her and her front line to cause mayhem. 

25. Unless you pulling an opponent off a cliff, it is almost always better to pull them "up" rather than to the side.   They lose control of their movement longer and give a predicatable trajectory for your team. 

26. Halt will break Roadhog's hook.  Time it well and use it above his head for maximum effect. 

27. Use Halt to peel enemies from your team mates. 

28. You can use Halt! while shooting.  Don't pause. 

29. Your shots don't have any spread.  No need to burst fire.  Just blast away. 

30. Fortify will save you from a Tracer bomb (with 200HP left)

31. Try to keep your shield on cooldown.  Firing a shield straight up keeps your current one deployed until it lands, reducing the time you are without protection. 

32. Pull people from elevated positions even if they aren't your focus.   Most will get flustered or at best, they have to reposition creating time for your team. 

33. Orisa pairs wonderfully with Torbjorn.   Don't be afraid to have a Torb on your team. 




Last Updated: Jun 30, 2017