Datacron Guide +10 All Stats

Get +10 to all stats in this Star Wars: The Old Republic Guide!

The +10 All Stats datacron can be a bit of a pain to get but the boost to stats is definitely worth the trouble. It differs from any of the other datacrons as it requires a great deal of communication and coordination from a team of at least 5 people. Below you'll find a step by step guide on how to claim the datacron of all datacrons with ease.

Step #1- The MGGS

You may still have the magnetic grappler gun from a previous datacron located on Alderann that required it. If not, head to Alderaan and travel south of outpost Talarn to point (1875, 1090). There you’ll find Lain-Ricie, an vendor who sells the MGGS for 10k credits. Grab the gun and head back to your ship.

Step #2- Corellia and the Red Crystal

As you may have gathered your next stop on this galactic tour is Corellia. Once there, travel to Axial Park and then to point (690,-2200) below the zoo. On the left side of the archival square you should see some bandits scanning a large crate with a giant dragon skull in it. Just in front of the skull will be and “artifact”. Pick it up and make your way back to the fleet.

The Museum and the Magnetic Chamber

After you’ve returned to the fleet take the mission elevator down to interfleet transport and then Imperials take the shuttle to the Ziost, Rupublic to the Gav Dragon. When you’ve arrived on the ship take the elevator up to the Bridge and then the elevator on the bridge (to the north for Imperial, west Republic) to the museum.

The Museum’s for both factions are exactly the same so all of the follow instructions work for both.

-When you first get into the museum room turn right and you should see a turbo laser in the first exhibit. Activate the panel and jump in front of the laser to be killed (this is supposed to happen), but instead of selecting a respawn on your corpse choose to return to medical station. You’ll revive on top of the nearby walker exhibit where there is a small panel that will blow open the door in front of it when activated.

-Travel through the open door and follow the hallway until you come to the back of another exhibit with a large blue crystal. Select the crystal and you will receive a blue crystal in your mission inventory.

-Return to the main room and use the crates to jump onto the center exhibit with the statue. If you’ve collected the red crystal from Corellia activate the empty slot on one side of the statue to insert the crystal. Then use the small slot on the front to place the blue crystal; doing this will bring down the shield wall protecting another nearby exhibit allowing you access to the door.

-Through the door have three of your group go to the farthest room and take up a position in front of each of the control panels, while the rest of the team heads to the bridge. At the same time activate all three of the control panels and it will activate the bridge for a short period of time. If three or more people make it across in the first group they can activate the bridge from the other side’s panels while the remaining three run across. If not one or two of the original control panel folks will have to remain at their station to ensure 3 are activated at the same time (any combination of three can be active at the same time no matter what side they are on).

-After everyone is across have two people head to points “C” and “D” while two more go to the grapple points of “A” and “B” and least one person on the bridge (below “E”). Activate “C” and “D” at the same time and two MGGS grapple points will appear up and ahead of points “A” and “B”. The two players waiting to grapple should then select the points and they will be grappled up to two more control panels. Once they’re ready, activate all four panels at the same time and grapple points “E” and “F” will become available. Those waiting on the bridge should then grapple to “E” and have one person grapple to “F” to use that control panel to unlock the door and activate its corresponding grapple point. The rest of the team at “E” can then grapple across and claim the datacron.

-In order for everyone to get the Datacron have those who have collected it take the positions of theose who haven’t. They will not have the crystals to reopen the door via the statue however so someone who hasn’t collected the datacron must jump to their death, respawn and open it.

Alternate Method: Have one or more Sorcerors/Sages make the final jump to the door and pull the rest of the team from the bridge. Those on the bridge will have to jump in order to get in range for the pull, but it can save a lot of time if done correctly.

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