Sith Warrior Equipment Guide

This Sith Warrior Equipment Guide tells you where to look to find the best equipment for your Sith Warrior.

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The Sith Warrior is a fearsome entity in The Old Republic, causing his enemies to falter and tremble with fear at the very thought of his merciless onslaught. By channeling his (or her) rage into a diamond-hard resolve, he purges weaknesses such as doubt and mercy from his mind and wreaks tremendous havoc on the battlefield. By virtue of their remorseless and passion-fueled actions, they will purge the galaxy and ensure that the dominion of the Sith will be absolute. Sith Warriors not only rely upon their fierce determination, but also upon their equipment. A true Sith Warrior will have the finest equipment available to augment his chances for total victory. One who does not keep the best up-to-date gear is a weak fool who will surely perish. To that end, has put together an equipment guide for The Old Republic's Sith Warrior.

The goal of this equipment guide for Sith Warriors is to show the type of gear and its quality that you'll find on each individual planet. Players definitely need to keep an eye out for what's available as that you'll definitely be worse-for-wear if you depend upon loot drops to fully equip your mighty Sith Warrior. Most of the time, if you're like me, you'll get items from drops in the form of light armor, blaster pistols, or lightsabers that can only be used by goody-two-shoes Jedi. Bah! There is a way to get decent equipment for your Sith Warrior, and that way is to visit specialty goods vendors and equipment commendation vendors.

Each planet (save for Korriban) has both a specialty goods vendor and an equipment commendation vendors, both of which have useful items for a Sith Warrior to purchase. You only need good old-fashioned credits to buy equipment from the specialty goods vendor. In the case of equipment commendation vendors, you'll need planetary commendations to purchase gear from them. You can gain planetary commendations by completing quests, doing daily missions (heroics), loot drops, and doing flashpoints that are in that particular planet's level range. You can also find equipment commendation vendors for all the planets, except for Quesh, in the Imperial Fleet.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of every possible piece of gear you can acquire. Rather, this equipment guide is designed to point you in the right direction and show you the type of gear, and its quality, that you can find on each particular planet. If you find that you have tons of planetary commendations, you can also pick up some mods to further enhance your gear from modification commendation vendors that are available on each planet.

For equipment purposes, your main desire as a Sith Warrior should be Strength. This is your primary attribute and it has the greatest impact upon your combat abilities. All Sith Warrior equipment choices have Strength and Endurance as attributes. Endurance is vitally important as it adds to the number of hits your Sith Warrior has, and the more you have, the longer you can keep that lightsaber swinging! Higher level pieces of gear will also have additional bonuses, such as Power or Accuracy, whose importance will depend upon your Sith Warrior's build. If you are playing as a Sith Marauder, you'll be looking for medium armor and lightsabers. If you choose to play as a Sith Juggernaut, you'll be picking up heavy armor, lightsabers, shields, and focus items.

Note: Most lightsabers that you will find at the various vendors will require you to have an appropriate level of Dark Side or Light Side. I will only be listing Dark Side lightsabers as only a weak and contemptible Sith Warrior will have a high level of Light Side points.


Level Range: 1-10
Korriban is an arid, inhospitable world that is the ancient home of the Sith. This is where your Sith Warrior will take his first steps to domination by attending the Sith Academy fighting off enemies from both without and within the Academy. There is no equipment commendation vendor here, but rather a specialty goods vendor that sells a nice chest piece with the purchase price of planetary commendations. There's no need to panic over the miniscule offerings on Korriban as you'll quickly leave the planet for greener pastures.
Example items:

  • Sith Assailant's Vest

Dromund Kaas

Level Range: 10-16
This dreary, rain-soaked planet is capital of the Sith Empire, where the Emperor and his Dark Council scheme to bring about the utter fall of the Republic. There are two equipment commendation vendors here; one at the spaceport and the other at Kaas City. The spaceport vendor has a good lightsaber available for purchase while the Kaas City vendor carries a selection of leg armor and lightsabers. The specialty goods vendor carries foot armor and hand armor.
Example items:

  • Lightsaber of Vengeful Mastery
  • Ardent Blade's Boots
  • Avenger Greaves


Level Range: 16-20
This ravaged planet offers a Sith Warrior a great opportunity to ensure the dominion of the Sith Empire after the Republic cowardly left Balmorra to fend for itself. Here you can find head armor at the specialty goods vendor and the following pieces of gear at the equipment commendation vendor: waist armor, foot armor, and hand armor.
Example items:

  • Indignation Headgear
  • Indignation Boots
  • Inspiration Waistcord

Nar Shaddaa

Level Range: 20-24
Nar Shaddaa is a notorious planet of scum, desperate characters, and criminals; all of which can be taken advantage of by a strong-willed Sith Warrior. Inside the promenade, you can purchase chest armor from the specialty goods vendor. The equipment commendation vendor stocks a good selection of waist armor, head armor, lightsabers, shields, and focus gear. If the vendor starts getting mouthy and not showing proper respect, a few fatalities with your lightsaber should shut them up.
Example items:

  • Fervent Battle Vest
  • Sovereign Mind Armguards
  • Tactile Defense D-Shield Generator


Level Range: 24-28
This miserable fireball of a planet provides not only the opportunity to show your melee prowess but also the chance of sunstroke if you're not careful. It if gets too hot, head into the cantina for a cool drink. The rough cantina denizens will instantly recognize you as the deadly predator you are and give you a wide berth. The specialty goods vendor has a lightsaber for sale, while the equipment commendation vendor carries wrist armor, chest armor, and waist armor.
Example items:

  • Vile Battle Instructor Lightsaber
  • Battle Instructor Bracers
  • Gladiator Chestguard


Level Range: 28-32
Alderaan is a peaceful, scenic world with a great deal of natural beauty, which means that it is weak and pitiful. Populated by feuding noble houses, the lords of Alderaan do not realize that they are already doomed. The equipment commendation vendor here sells foot armor, leg armor, and ear pieces. The specialty goods vendor stocks a number of wrist armor pieces.
Example items:

  • Agile Judgment Leggings
  • Memory Might D-Device
  • Rampage Assault Belt


Level Range: 32-36
This dismal planet is the site of a glorious Sith victory of the past. The planet's ecosystem was virtually destroyed by Sith forces in an effort to destroy a number of Jedi who chose to make their stand on this doomed world. Now the only inhabitants are scavengers and rakghouls. Surprisingly, there is a large number of decent gear to be found here. Sith Warriors can purchase hand armor from the specialty goods vendor. The equipment commendation vendor has a plethora of goods, including waist armor, leg armor, and lightsabers.
Example items:

  • Force Battler Greaves
  • Vile Force Sentinel Lightsaber
  • Force Champion Gloves


Level Range: 36-37
Quesh is a toxic planet that will challenge even the hardiest soul to survive. Fortunately, your Sith Warrior will only be upon Quesh for a short time. The equipment commendation vendor stocks a number of wrist armor pieces. The specialty goods vendor sells hand armor and ear pieces for the discerning Sith.
Example items:

  • Elder Vindicator's Armguards
  • Force Battler Handgear
  • Kinetic Combat D-Device


Level Range: 37-41
This artic waste of a planet is filled with various vermin (such as wampas), pirates, and Republic scum. Hoth is also where you'll pick up your final companion, Broonmark. On the frigid planet, you'll find ear pieces at the specialty goods vendor. From the equipment commendation vendor, you can buy head armor and waist armor.
Example items:

  • Kinetic Might D-Device
  • Elder Vindicator's Belt
  • Veteran Elder Blade's Headgear


Level Range: 41-44
This planet is a mixture of artic cold with hot pockets of lush vegetation. The Republic has a secret prison facility here which has just been cracked wide open. The soft Republic will rue the fact that they don't simply deal with weakness by exterminating it. Your Sith Warrior can find leg armor at the specialty goods vendor here. The equipment commendation vendor has a tremendous amount of merchandise for your purchasing pleasure and includes ear pieces, shields, focus items, head armor, and lightsabers.
Example items:

  • Venerable Paragon's Greaves
  • Subelectronic Melee D-Power Generator
  • Venerable Vindicator's Lightsaber


Level Range: 44-47
Voss is home to two warring races, one pathetic and weak and the other strong with rage and hate. Here you can help bring the pitiful Voss under the sway of the Sith Empire. Their mystical introspection will provide no obstacle to your Sith Warrior's tremendous power. The equipment commendation vendor sells foot armor, hand armor, and lightsabers. The specialty goods vendor carries shields, lightsabers, and focus items for sale.
Example items:

  • Ancient Ardent Blade's Boots
  • Malevolent Ancient Paragon's Lightsaber
  • Psychoactive Defense D-Shield Generator


Level Range: 47-50
This founding member of the Republic will soon feel the heel of the Sith Empire, thanks to the hard work of your Sith Warrior. Corellia is consumed by war between its people and the Sith are doing all they can to orchestrate the mayhem from the shadows. You will definitely need to focus your power to be victorious here, but there are ample rewards to be found as well. The equipment commendation vendor has a huge selection of shields, focus items, hand armor, chest armor, and lightsabers. The specialty goods vendor carries a number of wrist armor pieces.
Example items:

  • Primeval Vindicator's Armguards
  • Entropic Melee D-Power Generator
  • Primeval Ardent Blade's Lightsaber


Level Range: 50
This icy planet has a lot of high-end equipment for the Sith Warrior. Unfortunately, such good gear comes at a high price. You'll need to spend daily commendations here as there are no planetary commendations on Ilum. The specialty goods vendor offers wrist armor for sale, and you can purchase ear pieces and implants from the mission support vendor.
Example items:

  • Rakata War Leader's Implant
  • Rakata Weaponmaster's Device
  • Primeval Vindicator's Armguards

From the items listed above, you should have a good idea of what you can find on each planet for your Sith Warrior. You will definitely want to squeeze every last commendation and credit from each planet to keep your gear upgraded at all times. A true Sith Warrior will strike fear into the heart and soul of his enemies. If you wear the best equipment available, your foes will know that you have conquered and destroyed countless worms along your road to domination and they will know that they are nothing but a hindrance in the face of your wrath and power.

Beyond Illum, you'll get most of your gear from operations, flashpoints, and vendors on Makeeb and beyond.

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