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Guild Wars Launches the Second Update in Winds of Change Trilogy

By Stacy Jones -

The second installment to the Guild Wars Winds of Change trilogy arrives today with more conflict and content. NCsoft and ArenaNet today announced the launch of the second installment to Winds of Change of the Guild Wars: Beyond trilogy. The new Winds of Change update adds 11 new quests and 5 more respawn zones and several hidden scenes to the game.

The Winds of Change story thrusts players into the conflict between the Ministry of Purity and their crusade against the rival gangs of Kaineng – the Jade Brotherhood and the Am Fah. As the struggle continues, players a mystery will begin to unravel as players try to learn the true motives of the Ministry. Returning in Winds of Change is Miku, who played a role in the events of Heart of the North as Kieran Thackeray's travel companion. Her returns and involvement in Winds of Change will help solidify the update with a more meaningful overarching storyline through the Guild Wars: Beyond series.

The Winds of Change series is a multi-stage storyline that will set the stage for the story of Guild Wars 2 by portraying crucial historical events. You can learn more about the Winds of Change update in the full press release after the break along with a few new screenshots.

Miku and a Member of the Jade Brotherhood Ministry of Purity Confront the Tengu Miku Confronts the Jade Brotherhood
Ministry of Purity Guard Imprisoned Tengu Ministry of Purity agents inside Tahnnakai Temple Ministry of Purity Member Meeting with Kurzick Faction
Winds of Change - Ashu Winds of Change - Fighting with the Cantha Winds of Change - Miku

NCsoft and ArenaNet launch the Second Update to the Winds of Change Trilogy

The second installment to the largest free content update for Guild Wars launches with all new quests, zones and new content

SEATTLE, WA – September 29, 2011 – NCsoft and ArenaNet today announced the launch of the second chapter to the Guild Wars Beyond trilogy, Winds of Change. Going live today, Winds of Change features 11 new quests, 5 more respawn zones as well as numerous additional scenes hidden throughout the update. Along with the 17 new quests that players received in the first installment, the additional quests, zones and scenes found in the second installment marks Winds of Change as the largest combined free content update for the Guild Wars franchise to date.

As players engage with Winds of Change, they will find themselves caught between the Ministry of Purity and their crusade against the rival gangs of Kaineng – the Jade Brotherhood and the Am Fah. With the Jade Brotherhood and the Am Fah facing the might of the Ministry, the gangs are forced to retaliate with brutal and destructive force. With the violence escalating, the people of Cantha begin to wonder of the price of security worth the cost. As the Ministry ascends in power and control, intrigue sets in as the people of Cantha begin to wonder at the true motives of the Ministry.

In addition to the 11 new quests and additional hidden scenes, players will have five brand new respawn zones to choose from:

  • Bukdek Byway
  • ShadowÂ’s Passage
  • Shenzun Tunnels
  • The Undercity
  • Sunjiang District

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