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Finding Balance - A Preview of The Kodan, Guild Wars 2 Newest Race

Updated Wed, Jan 12, 2011 by Xerin

The Kodan, a polar-bear like humanoid species, have been around sometime in concept art and random mentions. How ArenaNet has compiled everything together to give us the first official look at this non-playable race. We've got everything from what we know to what could possibly happen with them in GW2 here at Ten Ton Hammer.

The Kodan is a new race being introduced into Guild Wars 2. They are a race of polar-bear like humanoids that are very spiritualistic and reside within the far Northerner Shiverpeaks within their “Sanctuaries.” ArenaNet has decided to share a wealth of information about this new and exciting non-playable race in their latest blog post. The Kodan will likely be central to the plot in the Shiverpeaks and provide us with some insight on some of the new characters we will likely meet in the game.

We've got everything you want to know about the Kodan here at Ten Ton Hammer.


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