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ArenaNet Announces Retail Gem Cards for Guild Wars 2

Posted Tue, Oct 16, 2012 by Martuk

If you’re hesitant to enter all that financial information into your Guild Wars 2 account given all the hacking that seems to be going on with other games these last couple of years, ArenaNet is giving you a different option for getting your Gems. Today ArenaNet announced the availability of new Gem Cards for Guild Wars 2, allowing you to pick up a new card at participating retailers and enter it into your account. The cards work in much the same way as other games that offer time cards, except this gives you Gems to use on the Black Lion Trading Company.

Additional details can be found on the Guild Wars 2 support page.

Source: Guild Wars 2 Gem Card Announcement

Oh wonderful. Yet another idea that hackers can use, to social engineer us players, to visit dodgy website's, which download key logging viruses to our PC's.

Looking at YOU... PinguenMan!

Uhmm...dude, before you yell hacker mabye u need to know what ur saying. Nothing wrong with the site he posted, nothing I would use...takes waaaaay to time consuming. but hacking? need to calm down :)

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