ArenaNet Blog Details Guild Wars 2 gamescom Demo and New Internship Opportunities

ArenaNet details its Guild Wars 2 gamescom demo and a golden opportunity for aspiring interns.
ArenaNet makes its way to gamescom this week with a new Guild Wars 2 demo and Game Designer Jon Peters has posted a new blog outlining some of the changes to the gamescom demo and what attendees will have the chance to experience at the event.

Some of the key points touched on include the removal of energy use for skills, in place of the former energy potions is a new dodge button, the change of the method in which players gain new skills, story elements and quite a bit more. Check out the full blog for all the details.

But gameplay isn’t the only order of business for the day. ArenaNet has re-opened its Internship program and now aspiring interns can sign up to be abused learn from some of the best in the gaming industry. For a full list of the program’s details and how to sign up, check out the announcement on the ArenaNet website.

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