ArenaNet Dev Blogs Detail Sound and Audio Design for Guild Wars 2

The ArenaNet team returns with two new blogs to further expand on the art of sound design for Guild Wars 2.
Earlier this week the ArenaNet sound team treated us to two videos aimed at explaining the sound gathering and implementation process for Guild Wars 2. The team recently added two new blogs to that collection that offers an in-depth look at how the sound development, creation and implementation process works.

The first developer blog is helmed by Guild Wars 2 Lead Sound Designer Drew Cady and Sound Engineer Robert Gay, who detail the processing method for sound. The second blog comes from Audio and Cinematics Programmer James Boar in which he expands on the process of developing an effective audio system.

The two blogs detail various processes used in the creation of sound, audio, voice editing and the extensive amount of work that's involved in creating sound for the game. If youÂ’re an aspiring sound designer, both make for a good read.

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