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ArenaNet Offers More Details on Guesting and World Selection in Guild Wars 2

Posted Fri, Aug 17, 2012 by Martuk

There’s some Guild Wars 2 news from ArenaNet today but it’s not for another stress test like I know some of you were hoping for. Today’s news is more a post of clarification on selecting your launch world, your options to transfer and an upcoming “guesting” option coming some time after launch.

In short, ArenaNet clarified the 3 major regions of play that will be available at launch: EU, NA and other regions that will connect via the NA datacenter. When you purchase your copy of Guild Wars 2 be it through the ArenaNet website or at a retail outlet, you’ll be checked for your region to ensure that you receive the version of the game for that area, but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to play on worlds in other regions if you choose.

One thing that you’ll be able to do at launch is transfer freely between worlds, so if you land on the wrong one, you’ll still be able to get off before they start charging sometime later. Once world populations settle and stabilize the transfers will be restricted to one move per week and a cost in Gems, which will be determined based on the population of the world that you’re looking to move to.

Another subject touched on is the upcoming “guesting” feature that will be introduced some time after launch. This will allow players to play with friends on other worlds but also comes with some restrictions.

In time, we’ll also introduce free “guesting,” which will allow players to visit other worlds as guests as long as they have friends on those worlds. This feature will be free, but guest players will not be able to enter World vs. World, and the Power of the Mists bonuses from their home world will continue to apply to their characters.

Guild Wars 2 kicks off its head start on August 25th with the official launch to follow on August 28th.

Source: A World of Choice – The Regions of Guild Wars 2

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