ArenaNet Reveals Asura Week Details and a New Charr Plush Doll for Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet kicks off Asura Week on Monday for Guild Wars 2 and launches a new huggable Charr Plush doll.
Guild Wars 2 will begin another week of in-depth coverage for the races of Tyria next week, this time covering those small geniuses, the Asura. A new ArenaNet blog has been posted with all the content that you can expect to see released throughout next week.

  • Monday, 9/12 – An asura character design blog post by concept artist Matthew Barrett, the key artist responsible for the look of the asura.
  • Monday, 9/12 – BONUS! We’re throwing in an extra asura short story by loremaster Jeff Grubb!
  • Tuesday, 9/13 – An asura environmental design blog post by Matthew Barrett that takes a closer look at asura architecture and props.
  • Tuesday, 9/13 – Hey, Bookah! This advice column provides smart asura answers to stupid questions.
  • Wednesday, 9/14 – Writing the asura blog post by Writer Angel McCoy, with audio examples of asura chatter.
  • Thursday, 9/15 - Asura animation blog post by Lead Animator Heron Prior, with video examples of unique asura animations.
  • Thursday, 9/15 – We’re updating the asura web page with new lore by Jeff Grubb, new screenshots and wallpapers, and a brand new asura feature video.
  • Friday, 9/16 – A narrative asura blog post by Ree Soesbee that explores the world of the asura through fiction.

If you would like a little piece of Guild Wars 2 to carry around with you, ArenaNet has also released a new huggable (and cuddly) Charr plush doll. The 17 inch-long doll is available in NA through the Penny Arcade Store and through the NCsoft Merchandise Store for Europe.

Charr Plush Doll

ArenaNet Asura Week Blog
Charr Plush Doll Announcement

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