Celebrate Wintersday in Guild Wars 2

By Stacy Jones -

The Wintersday holiday celebration starts today in Guild Wars 2 (GW2) with the return of Toymaker Tixx and his airship and the six-week winter festival. Starting later today, players can once again enjoy the festivities of Wintersday such as Toypocalypse, Snowball Mayhem, join the Bell Choir, and visit the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle. In addition to the return of festive content, the update also includes a new balance update, new Ascended Armor crafting options, and new healing skills.

The update launches later today, but you can read the Wintersday page for a full rundown of whatÂ’s in store. In the meantime, get primed for the new content with our Wintersday guides and coverage.

Source: GW2 Wintersday Update

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