Guild Wars 2 Sky Pirates of Tyria Update Goes Live Today

Guild Wars 2’s latest update launches today. Join Ellen Kiel to solve the Dragon Bash murder and experience more new content.

ArenaNet continues their rapid-fire deployment of updates for Guild Wars 2 today with the Sky Pirates of Tyria update. Starting today, players can join Ellen Kiel to flush out the Aetherblade Pirates in the new Aetherblade Retreat story dungeon. Along with the new dungeon, the update also adds a new scavenger hunt to the Sea of Sorrows, Gem Store Gifting, new rewards, and a jumping puzzle will be available on the Aetherblade airship starting July 1st.

For you story junkies out there, a new Guild Wars 2 novel is available today from ArenaNet’s Writer and Lore & Continuity Designer Ree Soesbee with See of Sorrows. The story follows the journey of Cobiah Marriner, a human sailor shipwrecked when the Elder Dragon Zhaitan rose from the sea. Sea of Sorrows is available on Amazon for around $8.09.

You can read the Sky Pirates of Tyria update page and check out the trailer below for more details.

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