Guild Wars 2: The Origins of Madness Goes Live

Scarlet Briar leads a massive assault on Tyria in the latest Guild Wars 2 update, The Origins of Madness.

ArenaNet took a break from its bi-weekly update cadence for Guild Wars 2 over the holidays but this week they’re back. Today marks the release of the first update to GW2 in 2014 with The Origins of Madness, bringing a new war to Tyria on two fronts as Scarlet Briar unleashes a new jungle wurm on the Bloodtide Coast and a giant mechanized monstrosity on Lornar’s Pass.

The Origins of Madness is the first of a planned four-part story update that will conclude the current storyline for the now dubbed "living world" of GW2. You can watch the previously released update trailer below and check out the official patch notes for all the latest changes. Be sure to keep a check on GuildWars2Hub for coverage and guides from the latest update.

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