Guild Wars 2: The Story of Ameranth

Guild Wars player Kelly Wells becomes part of Guild Wars 2 after being inspired to make an epic journey.

Video games can sometimes help inspire people to do some amazing things, despite the common news reports that it turns us all into mad dog, psycho killers. Such is the case with Kelly Wells, who was inspired by Guild Wars and the Jane McGonigal video Gaming Can Make a Better World to take on her own epic quest. Wells set out on a journey to travel on foot from Maine to California with her trusty dog, Anna. On her blog, Wells talks about the adventure in several entries, an adventure that few people will likely ever take.

After reaching California, Wells concluded her journey with a trip to ArenaNet Studios, where the development team, impressed by her journey, added her character Ameranth to Guild Wars 2 with her own interesting story.

ItÂ’s an interesting story and one worth the read. Maybe it will help inspire you to take a journey of your own.

Sources: ArenaNet Blog, Adventure Awaits: The Story of a Woman and Her Dog

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