Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Event Schedule Revealed

ArenaNet rolls out the full schedule and new images for Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday holiday event.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Guild Wars 2’s Winterday event page since its announcement, but details have been rather scarce up until today. But ArenaNet has now posted a full event schedule along with some new screenshots for the upcoming Wintersday event.

The festivities kick off on Friday, December 14th with festive decorative changes across Tyria. The first day of the event will bring a new Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, a PvP snowball fight, and a new musical Bell Choir event in Lion’s Arch. From there, Toymaker Tixx will visit a new location in-game each day through December 20th to bring new events and chance at festive prizes.

Check out the Wintersday event page for a full rundown of this year’s event.

Source: Wintersday Event Schedule

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