Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Box Update Launches Today

By Stacy Jones -

ArenaNet is nothing if not prompt. Patch for Guild Wars 2 has arrived once again today, bringing the return of the nostalgically designed Super Adventure Box. Players can return to the Storm Wizard for another lesson in World 2 to unlock new items and upgrades. And if youÂ’re up for a challenge, the new Tribulation Mode for all the zones in World 1 & 2 will give it to you.

Along with new NES-inspired adventures, crafting skill levels have been boosted to 500, new Ascended Weapon recipes have been added, Legendary Weapons received a stat boost, and Magic Find has been changed to an account-wide stat. Read all about the latest content on the Super Adventure Box: Back to School update page and check out GuildWars2Hub's guide to help get you ready for the update.

Source: Super Adventure Box Back to School Update

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