Guild Wars 2's Jeff Grubb on Telling Stories from Personal to Global

Continuity and Lore Designer Jeff Grubb explains the subtle art of storytelling on a personal and massive scale in Guild Wars 2.
Guild Wars 2 tells both a personal and world story in Tyria. ArenaNet lore guru Jeff Grubb recently posted a new blog explaining how the team accomplishes telling the story on a personal and world stage, and how dynamic events in the game help convey the story.

Grubb explains that there are three types of story in Guild Wars 2: the global story, which is the story of the world and conflict in Tyria, the personal story, which is your characterÂ’s own story shaped through your decisions, and the story of the iconics, which supports the personal and global stories as well as provides some insight into the histories of iconic characters.

As youÂ’ll learn, these iconic heroes each have their own problems and painful history together. All of the iconics were former members of the famed adventuring band DestinyÂ’s Edge, which was torn apart by tragedy. The whys and wherefores are explained in the game (as well as in the novel DestinyÂ’s Edge, by J. Robert King), and part of uniting the races involves reuniting the members of DestinyÂ’s Edge.

Read GrubbÂ’s full blog for more on story in Guild Wars 2.

Source: Telling Stories – From Global to Personal and Back Again

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