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Guild Wars 2 Update Makes Dungeon Changes, Fixes Exploits

Posted Tue, Sep 25, 2012 by Martuk

If you don’t eat your dinner, you get no desert. ArenaNet’s latest update for Guild Wars 2 makes some changes to the way tokens are distributed in an effort to help curb quick and easy farming of the first boss in some instances for tokens. Token rewards are now distributed at the end of an explorable mode dungeon chain rather than after a bosses defeat. The drawback of the new distribution method is that currently if you don’t complete the chain, you’ll get no tokens.

Luckily, completing the chain now comes with the bonus of 40 extra tokens for the first time you complete a path each day. That’s in addition to the 20 you get for completion, for a total of 60 on the first run. Unfortunately, some players are reporting some issues with the rewards not distributing the proper amount. While some are getting what they should, others are reportedly getting as few as 2 at the end of the chain. Ouch!

There are a couple of other recent dungeon changes to be aware of. Last week ArenaNet added a system of diminishing returns to dungeons to help prevent speed clearing. But on a more positive note, tokens should now be account bound rather than character bound.

Today’s update also includes a number of bug fixes, adjustments to the Black Lion Company, a number of exploit fixes, dungeon vendor item level corrections and more. Check out the patch notes in their entirety for all the latest changes.

Source: Guild Wars 2 Patch Notes

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