New Guild Wars 2 Blog Introduces the Asura

Guild Wars 2's Angel McCoy talks about writing the snarky race of geniuses known as the asura.

TheyÂ’re small, theyÂ’re brilliant and they have a chip on their shoulder. This is one way to describe Guild Wars 2Â’s tiny race known as the asura.

Today is day 3 of Asura Week and ArenaNetÂ’s Angel McCoy has posted a new blog that offers some insight into the moody little race of brilliant beings. The blog reveals a bit more about the society of the asura and even includes a few sound samples of a little techno-babble.

The asura talk like the little smarty-pants they are. Completely lacking in humility, they show off their genius at every turn and even exaggerate it whenever possible—you might say they have a Napoleon complex. An asura doesn’t speak in layman’s language unless absolutely necessary for communication with “lesser beings.” Why use a short word when you can once again prove your superior intelligence by using a word those around you don’t understand?

Check out the full blog on the ArenaNet website.

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