Hawken Launches Wreckage Update and Operation Frostburn

Hawken gets a shiny new update and adds a little holiday spirit with new cosmetics and the return of the Operation Frostburn event.

Hawken gets into the holiday spirit early this week with the return of Operation Frostburn, a new seasonal even running through January 2nd, 2014. Operation Frostburn adds a new festive version of the Last Eco map, new holiday-themed mech cosmetics and more. Although one may question the wisdom of camouflaging your mech with bright green and red wrapping paper designs.

In addition to a little holiday cheer, Hawken also rolled out its new Wreckage update, which adds the new Wreckage map and a number of other tweaks and fixes. Read the official patch notes for the full rundown.

Source: Wreckage Patch Notes, Operation Frostburn

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