Hawken’s First Support Mech Arrives Tomorrow

Posted Wed, Apr 17, 2013 by Martuk

A brand new Hawken update will land tomorrow to add a number of balance improvements, more achievements, a new map, and the first support mech known as the Technician. The update utilizes a lot of player feedback to address a number of balance issues such as reduced burst damage, improvements to automatic weapons, and on-the-fly information for team members to help make gameplay more strategic.

The big ticket item on tomorrow’s update is the new Technician mech, which is the first support mech to be added to Hawken. The Technician is a close-range repair specialist that can repair (heal) allied mechs and deconstruct enemies to repair itself, but the technician also packs his own arsenal of weaponry to deal with any enemies that mistake the mech for a simple weak medic.

Along with the new mech, Hawken will also receive the new Front Line map and the Service Award Achievement system with the update. Be sure to check out the official patch notes for the full rundown.

Source: Hawken Patch Notes


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