HEX: Shards of Fate Blows Kickstarter Goal Out of the Water

Posted Tue, Jun 04, 2013 by Martuk

If you were one of the faithful fans hoping to see Cryptozoic’s TCG/MMO game, HEX: Shards of Fate, become a reality, you’ll be happy to know that not only will it happen, but it will happen with an expanded amount of content.

With 3 days left on the Kickstarter campaign, HEX has already exceeded its initial goal by nearly more than six times the initial amount. In doing so, several of the stretch goals were hit and will add new content and features for launch that include authenticator support, an additional city for each playable race, guild rankings and tournament support, a crafting system, 10 additional dungeons with unique cards and equipment, keep defense, and a lot more.

The Kickstarter is currently sitting at $1, 797,615 as of this writing and at $1.8 million will hit another goal to deliver a novel to be penned by a “premier fantasy writer.” Sorry folks, that's as specific as it gets for now.

If you’re curious to learn more about HEX: Shards of Fate, head over and check out the Kickstarter page.

Source: Cryptozoic Press Release


Cryptozoic nears the end of its already hugely successful Kickstarter with contributions exceeding the initial goal by nearly six times the amount.

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Tue, Jun 04, 2013

Cryptozoic’s Kickstarter campaign shatters its goal for its HEX TCG MMO by three fold with over two weeks to go.

Tue, Jun 04, 2013

Card and board game publisher Cryptozoic Entertainment fires up a new Kickstarter campaign to fund it's new project, HEX: Shards of Fate.

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Tue, Jun 04, 2013

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