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Posted Thu, Jan 23, 2014 by Martuk

Batman has become the most popular hero of the DC universe in the eyes of many fans in recent years and was an early addition to Infinite Crisis. Maybe it’s because he’s a mysterious dark figure that strikes from the shadows to deliver his own brand of justice to villains or just the cool costume. But me, I’m a bit old school and have always been much fonder of the hero profiled in the latest Infinite Crisis video, Superman. Superman isn’t from Earth nor does he skulk around in the shadows waiting to strike. In fact, he's very much the opposite of Batman in many ways. His colors are brighter, his powers are stronger, and he's finally joining the Infinite Crisis lineup.

Superman is a powerful bruiser that has character powers based on his own superhero abilities such as Man of Steel, a passive ability that provides Superman with a shield for a short time after using an ability. Sups also has other abilities such as Frost Breath, Heat Vision, and his Ultimate, Speeding Bullet, which allows Superman to fly directly to a targeted enemy and strike them and other nearby enemies for attack damage.

The Superman vs Batman movie is still a ways away, but the last son of Krypton will be available to Infinite Crisis beta players to join the fight on February 5th, 2014. So get ready for the World's Finest coming to an Infinite Crisis match near you.

You can see Superman in action in the video below and head over to the Infinite Crisis website to sign up for the beta.

Escaping the doomed world of Krypton in a ship built and launched by his birth parents, the infant Kal-El was discovered by a childless couple in rural Kansas. They named him Clark Kent, instilling lessons of empathy and compassion. When Clark's amazing powers emerged, the Kent’s revealed the secrets of his origin, spaceship, and his true name, Kal-El. Through the support of his adoptive parents and recorded guidance of his birth parents, Kal-El uses his gift to protect and inspire the people of Earth to greatness.


The nightmarish alternate version of Superman joins the Infinite Crisis lineup as a powerful controller wielding the power of the Phantom Zone.

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