Brad McQuaid Q&A on Pantheon's Partnership with Shroud of the Avatar

Brad McQuaid answers some of our questions in relation to Pantheon partnering with Shroud of the Avatar to give backers a cross-game pledge reward.


Recently Pantheon partnered up with Shroud of the Avatar to provide cross-game rewards for backers of both games. This kind of camaraderie is not only impressive, but something that we as a community should applaud. Ten Ton Hammer was given the privilege of asking Mr. McQuaid a few questions in relation to this latest update.

Cross promoting the two games is awesome and it's good to see some strong community building from two gentlemen who ushered in the idea of gaming being a community oriented experience. Outside of the incentives and pledge rewards, have the two teams cooperated on anything else?

No, but Richard and I have been friends for over a decade, so getting together at this point, with both of us using Kickstarter, made a lot of sense. WeÂ’re excited about the cross-game cloaks but weÂ’re chatting about what else we can do to promote community. Some really cool ideas have been bounced back and forth.

Could we possibly see this expand into other games, like Chris Robert's Star Citizen?

I donÂ’t know Chris Roberts, but I believe Richard does. So who knows? Times are changing back to simpler, less filtered game development and communities and Star Citizen has been really active with their community and beyond. ItÂ’s awesome to see.

Mr. McQuaid mentions the evolution of online gaming is happening now, does he refer to the movement to crowdfunding, the movement to voxel based building tools, or the openness for developers to reach out to each other and join arms in the battle to entertain?

All three, but the biggest change I am a proponent of is seeing MMOs made for specific audiences, instead of being hugely expensive projects that try to be all things to all people. This can finally be done now, and is being done. Smaller studios working with smaller communities means nothing but good things for the future of MMOs, instead of everyone having to reach for the same audience.

Currently a cloak is shared between the two games, depending on the success of this initiative, could we see other cross game items come into play?

Quite possibly -- we have more in the works already, and itÂ’s not just some gear -- itÂ’s bigger than that.  Too early to announce, however. Portalarium has some fantastic ideas and weÂ’re thinking up some pretty cool things we can do with our game, too.

Completely blue sky, but is there a chance we could ever see the two games physically interact with each other? Would that maybe be a stretch goal or could it possibly be something players could mod in if the UGC server is funded?

That would be super cool.  Both games use the Unity engine, so who knows? In any case, both teams are quite committed to their game and lore so anything that would be done needs a lot of planning and consideration. We wouldnÂ’t want Shroud to force anything into their game that doesnÂ’t fit, and IÂ’m certain thatÂ’s reciprocated.

We'd like to thank Brad for taking time out of his day to answer our questions. If you're looking for more Pantheon info, check out their kickstarter.

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