Gamigo Updates on Recent Security Breach

Gamigo has posted more details about the recent incursion on its account services and prompted a shut down.

Yesterday we reported that gamigo had shut down its account services following an external intrusion. Access to several of the publisherÂ’s gaming websites and forums remain down currently as the investigation is ongoing. Gamigo has set up a new forum for players to visit for their respective games.

Gamigo has also posted an update to what occurred. As with many other breaches last year, gamigoÂ’s database was plundered for alias user names and encrypted passwords, of which an excerpt was posted on the gamigo forums. There have been no fraudulent reports as of yet according to gamigo, but they can't rule out that the intruders do or do not still have the accessed data. As a precaution, gamigo has reset all account passwords and is asking players to change their passwords if they happen to be using the same for any other games or websites.

Source: Gamigo Breach Update
Original Story: Gamigo Shuts Down Account Services Following an Intrusion

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