League of Legends Season Two Prize Pool Largest in eSports History

Posted Mon, Aug 15, 2011 by Martuk

Season two of League of Legends is going to be a big one for competitive gamers. Riot Games today announced details about the upcoming event and revealed that the prize pool now sits at more than five million dollars for season two competition, reportedly making it the largest in eSports history.

“Competitive gaming is hard-coded in Riot’s DNA. It’s been thrilling to watch the level of competitive play that evolved in Season One!” said Brandon Beck, CEO of Riot Games. “Players will certainly step up their game in Season Two – so it’s only fair that we step up ours.”

League of Legends recently surpassed the 15 million registered user mark and proved to be popular for online viewers with nearly 1.7 million tuning in for the season one championships.

Riot Games announced a new game mode earlier this month that will undoubtedly fuel the game’s competitive nature with Dominion. Be sure to check out our interview with Game Designer Tom Cadwell to learn more about the new content.


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