Ninjas! A Preview of the Forbidden Valley in LEGO Universe

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The Forbidden Valley is a shadowy, mysterious zone in LEGO Universe that is reputed to be the home of ninjas. What secrets can be found there? What rewards to tempt our greed? To answer those questions, our intrepid Jeffprime ventured forth from Nimbus Station to provide a brief preview of this mist-shrouded realm.

Once you get past the gate, youÂ’ll be directed to go to the Great Tree, where youÂ’ll be tested by ninja masters. The first thing youÂ’ll notice as you travel is that there are no bridges connecting the various floating islands. However, there are very strong updrafts between the islands. To get from one island to another, youÂ’ll have to jump! Not just any normal jump, but the double-jump method of tapping your space bar twice quickly. ItÂ’ll take some practice (and quite a few falling deaths), but youÂ’ll eventually get the hang of it. Remember, ninjas hate bridges!

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