Derek Smart Talks Line of Defense

Posted Fri, Mar 02, 2012 by Martuk

Whether you like him or not, Derek Smart isn’t a man that’s afraid to speak his mind. Speaking with Rock, Paper, Shotgun (RPS), Smart discussed his upcoming Line of Defense title and what he believes sets it apart from games like PlanetSide, Firefall and EVE Online when it comes to combat.

In Line of Defense, you can do combat in fighters in space, around a planet, you can dock with star stations in space and fight your way through them, and the same thing in a derelict carrier. Firefall is dedicated towards resource collection and stats and all that, Line of Defense is purely about combat.

Smart also referred to the space aspects of Star Wars: The Old Republic and EVE Online as “rubbish” and he doesn’t appear to have high expectations for DUST 514, EVE Online’s FPS tie-in.

Dust 514, that’s just going to fail. There’s no ifs, maybes or buts about it.

Smart went on to talk more about the development and gameplay of Line of Defense. The launch of the MMOFPS was delayed last year to allow more work on the new engine, but Smart expects to release the title this June.

You can read Smart's full interview at RPS and view the new trailer after the break via PC Gamer.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Perhaps when your involved in something worth playing people will take notice of you. At this rate you are nothing but a internet troll who thinks to highly of himself. But, heck the world is full of "legend in their own mind" mentality.

being a hater when your game has 1990s animations is unadvisable

This is just a game that wishes it had the backbone dust 514 will have by building off of eve. It will just be a starhawk mmo with little to offer other than shooting people. Immersion is where mmos get their longevity.

This trailer features rubbish animations, dead worlds, poor texturing and uninspiring design. He has nothing to back up his smack talk.


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