Lindvior Unleashes His Fury on Lineage II

Lineage II’s latest update adds new class diversification changes, updates to mentoring, new zones, and the Lindvior raid.

Today is a day filled with new content for Lineage II fans. The new Lindvior update deployed to servers today to add a host of new changes to the game with new Hunting zones, new class diversification, and a new Beauty Shop for players that want to give their characters a makeover. One of the big pieces of todayÂ’s new content also includes the arrival of the dragon known as Lindvior, Lord of the Western Winds. Lindvior is a new 6-stage raid geared towards level 99 players in groups numbering from 49 to 112.

Check out the official patch notes for all the latest changes and visit the Lineage II: Lindvior page to learn more. You can sign up to play for free on the Lineage II website.

Source: Lineage II Lindvior Announcement

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