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Starsiege: Tribes was a foundational multiplayer experience for many multiplayer FPS enthusiasts, and now Hi-Rez Studios, makers of Global Agenda, announced their intention to bring Tribes into the new millenium with Tribes Universe. We'll look at a few of the features of Tribes Universe and why TU marks a new step on a well-worn path for Hi-Rez in today's Loading... Trials and Tribes-ulations.

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For gamers of a certain age, Starsiege: Tribes largely defined the multiplayer FPS experience, especially on a LAN. Released in 1998 and known simply as Tribes, the game revolutionized the FPS experience by adding jetpacks and z-axis gameplay (I'm trying hard not to say "verticality"... damn, I just did) to the mix. That makes all kinds of sense, because its publisher (Sierra) and developer (Dynamix) were at least as well known for its engaging, RPG-esque flight sims (Red Baron, Aces Over Europe, etc.)

That year (1998) was my first at college, and I fondly remember getting schooled in Tribes by upperclassmen floormates. Weaned on the Dooms, the Quakes, and the Unreals, I could track jumping, running, and strafing players, but when range of motion becomes less limited by gravity than by jetpack fuel on open terrain, things get complicated. It's the same sort of mind-expanding feeling I had when first playing Global Agenda, though flight is arguably more about movement in GA than it was about combat in Tribes.

Succeeded in graphics and name (but not in reputation) by Tribes 2 and Tribes: Vengeance, Tribes included a variety and number of maps (40+) on a scale we'll probably never see again, along with seven different map types. It was also the first really successful multiplayer-only triple-A game that didn't carry the MMO moniker.

On nearly the three-year anniversary of the shutdown of the Sierra Master Server, Hi-Rez announced that Tribes Universe was in active development at its Atlanta studios. Hi-Rez's freshman title, Global Agenda, was itself in many ways a Tribes successor, bringing jetpacks along with a persistent campaign map, MMO-ish social layer, and UE3 smoothness to the MMOFPS scene, so in many ways the IP has come full circle.

In a Tribes Universe Q&A published today at Ten Ton Hammer, Hi-Rez noted that Tribes Universe will capitalize on the silky smooth action of its predecessors, but also "emphasize group strategy, counters, progression, specialization and tactics that are more extensive than anything a Tribes game has had before." Hi-Rez also opened the discussion on large-scale, persistent PvP, non-combat specializations (transporting troops, etc.), and vehicles.

Even if you're not a Tribes or MMOFPS fan, you have to be cheered by Hi-Rez's success. They join developers like Mythic, Turbine, and NetDevil who, having launched a niche success story, acquire bigger and more promising IPs. Let's just hope that Hi-Rez avoids the fate of a few of its indy predecessors - selling their soul to a hamfisted publisher and becoming a shadow of its formerly creative self.

Were you a Tribes player? Have fond memories to share? How can Hi Rez preserve that old-timey Tribes nostalgia for you while bringing the game into the 21st century in a persistent format? Share your thoughts in the Loading... forum.

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