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Loading... is the premiere daily MMOG newsletter, only from Ten Ton Hammer! Welcome to the 1,433rd edition of Loading...

Loading... is the premiere daily MMOG newsletter, only from Ten Ton Hammer!

Welcome to the 1,433rd edition of Loading...

Sometimes the successes and failures of an MMOG feel like rolls of the dice. When it's time to celebrate the party can put Woodstock to shame. When things go sour, it's a different story. We take a look at three headlines today for some upcoming games and one deceased in Loading... The Circle of Another Life.

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Today's top 5 Pulse results:

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Lord of the Rings Online (UP 1)
  3. EverQuest 2 (down 1) 
  4. EVE Online   
  5. Aion (UP 5) 

Biggest movers today:

  1. LEGO Universe
    - UP 30 to #19
  2. Champions Online
    - UP 4 to #11
  3. DC Universe Online
    - down 4 to #17
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Loading... Wishing spandex wasn't so clingy.

Bad news for Realtime Worlds former employees as 120 of the 210 have yet to receive their final month's paycheck. I've personally never rubbed salt into any wounds I've had, but I'd imagine the sensation would be similar. Sure, on hand it's hard to pay anyone when you have no money, but it's also difficult to watch a project that had you passionate as it circles the drain. Best of luck, RTW employees. May you find another project to showcase your talents... and one that leaves you proud for years after.

Onto some brighter news, Jumpgate Evolution has received new forums. Yes, I'm sure that the JGE fans would have rather received beta invites, or a newly announced launch date, but the new forums will have to do for now. At least it's an indication that the lights are still on at the studio. Is it an indication of big things to come? I don't know if I'd go that far just yet, but few companies would go through the trouble of a facelift if they weren't expecting a large surge of guests. Or maybe they would.

Some mixed good/bad news came from Sony Online Entertainment yesterday. DC Universe Online has been delayed from its expected launch date of November 2nd. No new date has been set yet, but Smed has said that those with a VIP key card will be added to beta as early as next week.

Ok, so no one likes a delay in launch. But in some cases we'd much rather see a delay than the launch of yet another buggy and/or incomplete game. DCUO is one of the games that I also have a personal investment in when it comes to looking forward to a new game. The brief chances I have had to play left me wanting more. So I guess I'll be waiting a bit longer along with the rest of the fans, but if that means a bigger better shinier game, bring it on.

Still pissed off at RTW? Anxious to dive into JGE? Waiting for DCUO beta? Let us know your thoughts today in the Loading... forums.

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