Legends of Norrath Teases Drakkinshard

Posted Mon, Aug 12, 2013 by Martuk

SOE’s Dave Smith recently assumed the role of lead designer for Legends of Norrath and he already has big plans to make some improvements to the TCG. Smith recently penned a new blog that previews Set 16, Drakkinshard, which recounts adventures that ensued following the arrival of a piece of the dead god Cazic Thule arriving in the Serpent’s Spine Mountains.

Drakkinshard will focus on improving the Standard Environment and introduce the new Crossfire mechanic, which provides an additional direct life pressure to an opponent’s avatar. Additionally, Drakkinshard will also include new quests, 12 reprint cards, and more. You can check out Smith’s full update for all the details.

Source: Legends of Norrath: Drakkinshard

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