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A wide-open region of low, craggy hills, arid riverbeds and ancient Elven ruins from a time of great prosperity, Eregion sits between the Trollshaws in the north and Enedwaith in the south, and marks the sole passage from Eriador into Moria and Rhovanion in the east. Also known as Hollin, it was a kingdom of the Noldorin Elves during the Second Age, ruled by Galadriel and Celeborn until they left for Lothlorien, and then ruled by Celebrimbor, who, deceived by Sauron (under the guise of the Lord of the Gifts, Annatar), here forged the Rings of Power. When Sauron's treachery was revealed, Eregion was laid waste and the surviving Elves fled to Lindon, Lothlorien and Rivendell.

Nowadays, during the late-Third Age setting of the Lord of the Rings Online, things are a little quieter here. After surviving the perilous ravines of the Trollshaws, the treacherous peaks and equally-treacherous depths of the Misty Mountains, the frozen hell that is Forochel and the blackened, hostile wasteland of Angmar, Eregion feels like a vacation. Even with the half-orcs, wood-trolls and warg and wolf packs that call the place home. It is a land of wide-open skys and rolling scenery, and the ruins of its rich history simply beg for exploration. And it's the last time you'll likely see open skies for a while - this is the last stop before entering the depths of Moria. 

AREAS: A detailed look at the different regions within Eregion, including points of interest, mob types and crafting resources available there.

QUEST HUBS: A breakdown of the towns and camps where quests are initiated, including town services and important NPCs at each spot.

INSTANCES: A guide to the instanced areas of Eregion, including the School and Library of Tham Mirdain, with tips and tricks to run this content smoothly.

DEEDS: A chart of the deeds available in Eregion, including the best places to go to complete them.

Note that Eregion does not have its own unique reputation faction. Few rep items drop here, but questing is rewarded with Elves of Rivendell reputation, so the link from these pages points to the Elves of Rivendell page.



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