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Evendim, a rugged land of the Lord of the Rings Online and former seat of the capital of Arnor, lies north of the Shire and west of the North Downs. Its centre is dominated by Lake Evendim, also known as Nenuial or the Lake of the Twilight. The history of the region lies close to the surface, with great sprawling ruins and massive statues straddling the  Brandywine River, which finds its origins here. Annuminas, once a great capital of Arnor, is now largely sunken into the lake along its southern shore, and the Angmarim have established their forces there, hoping to plumb the untapped depths of the city to uncover powerful relics from a bygone age. Of course, the Wardens of Annuminas hope to do the very same thing. They have established a number of settlements and staging points among the Arnorian ruins, and fight against the forces of Angmar at every turn. But they are spread thin, with much ground to cover, and need all the help they can get. 

And with the recent revamp of this area care of Update 2, players will have an easier time providing that help. Much of the area has been re-leveled to the 30 - 40 range, Lake "Everswim" has become somewhat less of an obstacle with the expanded and improved boat travel, and new quest hubs have been added to allow players to spend more of their mid-level time here and alleviate the "hump" that typically hits players around mid-30s.

AREAS: A detailed look at the different regions within Evendim, including points of interest, mob types and crafting resources available there.

QUEST HUBS: A breakdown of the towns and camps where quests are initiated, including town services and important NPCs at each spot.

INSTANCES: A guide to the instanced areas of Evendim, including the Annuminas instances, with tips and tricks on running this content smoothly.

DEEDS: A chart of the deeds available in Evendim, including the best places to go to complete them.

REPUTATION: A look at gaining standing with the Wardens of Annuminas - how to earn reputation and where to use it.




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