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Leoflac, Eglain rep vendor

Where life has no value, death, sometimes, has its price. That is why the bounty quests appeared.

The Eglain are a bunch of surly misanthropic hermits who have turned their backs on human and elf society in favor of simpler lives, scavenging among the many Rhudaurian ruins of the Lone-lands for valubale trinkets and the like. 

Because of their reclusive, anti-social nature, earning standing with the Eglain can take some work. There are no rep items to be scavenged from corpses (or purchased in bulk from the auction house) and traded for rep. Nosir, the Eglain are more exacting than that. They demand legwork.

Fortunately, most quests started in the Lone-lands have Eglain reputation rewards. The Garth Agarwen instances can earn the hardy adventurer 3600 reputation a day for completing the daily challenges, and more for completing the optional quests.

There are a number of repeatable bounty quests for Eglain standing, available from NPCs at the Forsaken Inn and in Ost Haer in Harloeg. Tasks from the task billboards at the Forsaken Inn and Ost Guruth also have reputation rewards, but these are level-limited. Level-capped characters who raced through the Lone-lands without bothering with Eglain rep are ineligible for the tasks.

Aside from questing and running Garth Agarwen over and over, reputation can be earned by fulfilling consignments. Leoflac, the Factions Rewards vendor NPC in Ost Guruth, sells these consignment requests for 21s 60c, and they are available to every crafting profession. The item purchased from Leoflac grants a quest when used, requiring the deliver of a set amount of crafted goods. For example, Tailors can purchase the request for Sturdy Leather Bindings, Weaponsmiths can purchase a request for Lure Traps, etc. These are redeemed for 300 reputation points each. 

This is really not an ideal way to earn reputation, however, unless you are also working on earning crafting XP. Consider: 6 leather bindings = 12 Sturdy Leather = 24 Sturdy Hides. That's 24 wargs (assuming every one of them drops a hide, which isn't always the case) per turn-in, for a paltry 300 reputation. In order to earn substantial amounts of reputation through consignment quests, you're looking at literally thousands of mobs and absurd amounts of money (since the quests must be purchased each time). You need almost 100 turn-ins to get from Friend to Ally, for example - 2,400 hides, 2 gold, 160 copper. Go ahead and convert all those Sturdy Hides you have been hoarding into Sturdy Leather Bindings for rep, but once you've mastered Expert tier and still want the rep, just do the repeatables and Garth Agarwen dailies.

Earning standing with the Eglain allows for the purchase and use of the following items, available from Leoflac in Ost Guruth:

Item Requirement Cost
Battle-Caller's Symbol
Gallant's Symbol
Rune-carver's Symbol
Provider's Symbol
Shadow-walker's Symbol
Stone-speaker's Symbol
Tale-spinner's Symbol
Warden's Symbol
Warrior's Symbol (class-specific pocket items)
Level 26, Acquaintance, class-specific 106s 40c
Defender's Golden Circle
Sage's Golden Circle
Soldier's Golden Circle (bracelets, set piece)
Level 28, Friend
Defender's Golden Band
Sage's Golden Band
Soldier's Golden Band (rings, set piece)
Prized Eglain Steed - 162% speed, 250 morale Kindred 5g 532s 42c




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