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Guide to the Misty Mountains




The Misty Mountains define the eastern edge of Eriador, separating that land from Rhovanion from the frozen wastes of Forochel in the north all the way to the Gap of Rohan in the south. Of that great expanse of rugged, forbidding heights, only one small section of the range enters play in the Lord of the Rings Online - the passes to the northeast of Rivendell, where a company of Dwarves and their Hobbit burglar passed through on their way to the Lonely Mountain far to the east, accidentally setting off a chain of events that lead directly to the War of the Ring and the end of the Third Age.

The Misty Mountains are not so much "misty" in this region as they are "frozen solid." Giants and trolls claim the southern regions, goblins and wargs the northeast, and hillmen, dwarves and various other critters claim the remainder. The mountains are a harsh environment, and the residents even harsher. Civilization, such as it is, is very sparse here, with only three small, isolated camps hidden among the frozen passes.

AREAS: A detailed look at the different regions within the Misty Mountains, including points of interest, mob types and crafting resources available there.

QUEST HUBS: A breakdown of the towns and camps where quests are initiated, including town services and important NPCs at each spot.

INSTANCES: A guide to the instanced areas of the Misty Mountains, including Helegrod and Goblin Town, with tips and tricks to run this content smoothly.

DEEDS: A chart of the deeds available in the Misty Mountains, including the best places to go to complete them.

Note that Misty Mountains does not have its own unique reputation faction. Most of the items for the Elves of Rivendell drop in Misty Mountains, so the link from these pages points to the Elves of Rivendell page.



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