Itemization Changes Coming to LOTRO with Update 10

Posted Wed, Feb 20, 2013 by Martuk

Loot has always been an important part of MMORPG gameplay, and The Lord of the Rings (LOTRO) is not exempt. This week Turbine’s Jonathan "RockX" Steady posted a new developer blog outlining the changes to itemization coming with Update 10. While some of the changes will improve loot options for players, some are not happy about the new class-focused gear wing and have voiced a few problems that they believe may arise from it on the official forums.

Classic Instance clusters also have completely new loot, ranging from Rare quality all the way up to Legendary quality. Each instance cluster is now focused on a handful of different gear types, so DPS looking for a necklace would want to run instances and raids from cluster X, while Tanks looking for a necklace would want to run cluster Y. Each instance has its own Rare and Incomparable loot, while raids have only Incomparable loot. The chance to get a piece of gear is increased with running on a higher Tier. Each Instance Cluster shares a Legendary quality drop for each class at a very low drop-rate. The Legendary quality items are evenly split in focus between the roles a class can fill.

Additionally, set bonuses have been adjusted and standardized and two new sets of gear will also be been added to the Erebor raids.

Source: LOTRO Itemization Blog

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