LOTRO Dev Diary Reveals More on Epic Stories and the Road to Rohan

Find out how Turbine will allow you to be a part of the breaking of the Fellowship in Riders of Rohan.

The Lord of the Rings OnlineÂ’s upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion is just over a month away and this week Turbine has revealed more about the epic story leading to the breaking of the and how youÂ’ll get to be a part of it. Turbine will be adding new Session Play events to let you become part of the epic story that leads the fellowship on their various different paths.

The developer diary also contains a few spoilers that I wonÂ’t go into here, but you can read it all on the LOTRO website if youÂ’re interested. And donÂ’t worry. ItÂ’s clearly marked where the spoiler section begins so you wonÂ’t accidently graze into any story elements that you might want to keep a surprise. Additionally, the developer diary also reveals more about the epic story plans and how you can continue on to do Book 7 even if you havenÂ’t purchased certain quest packs.

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Source: Riders of Rohan Developer Diary: Volume III Update 8 Quest Notes

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