LOTRO Developer Diary Rides Into East Rohan

LOTRO continues the Fellowship's march to the Riddermark and a new developer diary gives us a peek at Eastern Rohan.

Anyone that has been playing The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) since its faithful launch back in 2007 has been patiently waiting for the Fellowship to make the journey to Rohan. While weÂ’ve had some epic adventures in LOTRO, all eyes now turn to the Riddermark as we await the September launch of the Riders of Rohan expansion, which will at some point in the future take us to the epic location and battle of Helm's Deep.

This week a new LOTRO developer diary takes us into eastern Rohan, where we get a preview of what is being called “the largest landscape-development project for LOTRO since the initial construction of Eriador.”

Here’s the thing: Rohan is huge. It’s not something you can avoid – you can’t skimp when developing vast, sweeping grasslands. To do it justice, and to keep scale with the rest of the world as we’ve presented it so far, the entire Mark needs to be about six times the size of our average landscape expansion … and that’s not even including pesky details like Fangorn Freaking Forest.

To find out more about the ambitious design of Rohan and what nearly gave one developer a nervous breakdown (hey, it was a lot of work), head over and check out the full developer diary.

Source: Riders of Rohan Developer Diary: East Rohan

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