LOTRO Developer Diary Talks War-Steeds and Traits

LOTRO’s Anthony “Doc” DiMento explains how war-steeds will differ in the upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion.

There’s an old saying - “You use the right tools for the right job.” And in The Lord of the Rings Online’s upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion, the war-steeds are those tools. In a new developer diary, Turbine’s Anthony “Doc” DiMento explains what sets each of the three types of war-steed mounts (Light Courser, Medium Rouncey and the Heavy Destrier) apart in Riders of Rohan, and how players can further customize their trusty steed with its own set of traits. The devs even share a few of their favorite traits and skills to close out the article.

Source: Riders of Rohan Developer Diary: War-Steeds

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