New LOTRO Screenshots Highlight Storm of Methedras Skirmish

Turbine offers a peek at LOTOR's new Storm of Methedras skirmish with a batch of new Update 7 screenshots.
Update 7: Shades of the Past will bring a revamp to the existing areas of Fornost and Moria for The Lord of the Rings OnlineÂ’s, but the update will also add a brand new skirmish with Storm of Methedras. This week Turbine has released a new batch of screenshots for the new free-to-VIP skirmish. Give them a look after the break.

Ascend the treacherous slopes of Methedras at the southern end of the Misty Mountains to confront a foe seeking to bring supernatural forces to bear against Rohan. Take up arms alongside the Rangers to battle Gwyllion, a vile sorceress and ally of Saruman. Storm on Methedras supports groups from one to twelve players, level 70-75, and offers two tiers of difficulty for those who like a bigger challenge.“

Source: Turbine Press Release

LOTRO-U7-Skirmish-From-Above LOTRO-U7-Skirmish-Snow-Foe LOTRO-U7-Skirmish-Flying-Foe
LOTRO-U7-Skirmish-Ghostly-Foe LOTRO-U7-Skirmish-Enemies LOTRO-U7-Skirmish-Combat
LOTRO-U7-Skirmish-Fight LOTRO-U7-Skirmish-2-on-1 LOTRO-U7-Skirmish-Duo

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