Turbine Lifts Riders of Rohan NDA

By Stacy Jones -

Executive Producer Kate Paiz announced earlier today that The Lord of the Rings Online’s (LOTRO) upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion had been delayed by more than a month to allow the devs to work out a few more issues before it goes live, but players are at least now free to discuss their experiences in the beta. LOTRO Community Manager Rick “Sapience” Heaton announced on the official forums today that the NDA for Riders of Rohan has officially been lifted. So go fourth and share your screenshots, video and any information that you would like to with the community.

Today we have officially released Riders of Rohan beta testers from their NDA. Beta testing will continue as we move towards our new release date of October 15th. In the meantime, those Beta testers who wish to share their thoughts and experiences thus far with the general community are encouraged to do so here.

Feel free to ask them questions and Beta testers should feel free to answer.

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Source: LOTRO: Riders of Rohan NDA Announcement

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