Turbine Tackles Community Questions on LOTRO’s Helm’s Deep Expansion

Turbine answers 40 community questions on class changes, epic battles, and more in the upcoming Helm’s Deep expansion.

Last month Turbine called on the community to submit their questions for The Lord of the Rings OnlineÂ’s (LOTRO) upcoming HelmÂ’s Deep expansion. The best 20 questions were set to get an answer from the dev team, but Turbine doubled the number and today fielded 40 questions from the community. The devs touched on such topics as the class revamps, mounted combat, the Legendary Item changes, and more, including a few more details about epic battles.

Q3: Eldarian_Grace: With HD we get class trait re-do's and big battles, but the big battles have us playing as three new roles, separate from our classes. WhatÂ’s the thinking behind this?

A3: jwbarry: Roles do not replace, obviate, subvert, or change your class, full stop. Big Battles introduces a lot of new mechanics and sub-systems. You do not select a role. Roles are loose collections of related actions that layer on over your class role. YouÂ’re still a hunter, you just have gained the ability to interact with the engineer, vanguard, or officer, (or some combination, the system is more of a buffet style approach) mechanics within the spaces to better and deeper degrees.

Turbine also answered questions about epic battle loot, difficulty scaling, barter, and more. Check out the full Q&A for all the details. LOTRO's Helm's Deep expansion launches on November 18th, 2013.

Source: LOTRO Player Submitted Questions – Supersized to 40

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