Warbands Attack in New LOTRO: Riders of Rohan Screenshots

Posted Wed, Jul 11, 2012 by Martuk

You can’t visit Rohan without running into a few warg mounted orc Warbands. In the latest batch of screenshots for The Lord of the Rings Online from Turbine, we get a look at some of the elite warbands that will roam the countryside looking for trouble in the upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion. Give them a peek below.

Rohan_Warbands Rohan_Warbands_Night_Charge Rohan_Warbands_Raid
Rohan_Warband_Charge Rohan_Warbands_Wedge_Formation Rohan_Warbands_at_Night

About Warbands
New to Riders of Rohan™, Warbands are elite groups of mounted enemies that roam the plains on foul errands. Those enemies drafted for Warband duty are some of the deadliest riders found on the plains. While their appearance may be rarer in occurrence, they are feared above most as the bands themselves travel in greater numbers and boast great strength.

Unlike other foes, Warbands travel over large distances and can quickly overcome the unwary adventurer. Often times, a Warband will be better dealt with by riding alongside your allies as you charge into battle.

New “open tapping" combat rules also ensure that more than one player can get credit and experience for defeating enemies in mounted combat, even when ungrouped, which encourages cooperation towards common goals.

I'm a hater of WoW so I'm really glad you got more into LotRO as the entry went on. I have a Founders acocunt with lifetime membership cause I liked the game A LOT while playing the beta. I recently picked it up again and was playing to save up for a hobbit hole prior to Mass Effect and Rock Band coming out. The game also got me reading the Hobbit, and the trilogy books. What can I say? I love it so.

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