MapleStory Unleashes Mercedes, Leader of the Elves

Posted Wed, Dec 21, 2011 by Martuk

MapleStory received a new class this week with the Legends update. The update added Mercedes, the legendary leader of the elves. Mercedes duel-wields bowguns, rides atop a unicorn and aims to do battle with a Black Mage. Let that sink in for a minute.

Check out the official press release and video after the break for more. You can sign up to play for free on the MapleStory website.

Bring on the Elven Force

Mercedes character class now dual-wielding her way to MapleStory

Mercedes has officially made her triumphant debut in MapleStory this week, marking the second character class to invade Maple World in the incendiary Legends update.

The legendary leader of the Elves has returned to join the fight against the Black Mage, armed with her never-before-seen destructive Dual Bowguns. Riding atop a unicorn, Mercedes blazes into battle as the most versatile of the Hero classes, using both long and short-range attacks and performing fast and flashy aerial combos. Her Gust Dive allows her to jump and fire from midair using the power of wind to attack and knock back a battalion of enemies, while her Spikes Royale attack summons legendary spears that massacre enemies. Finally, since the royal Elves are naturally agile and fatally charming, the Elven Grace ability increases Mercedes’ attack speed and permanently raises Speed by 10 points, Jump by 20 points, and Charm by 30 points.

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